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Angel Blessings Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration

Bridge to Spirit

Angel Blessings Cards
I have been using
Angel Blessings Cards as a meditation
and focus for the day.
They are powerful.
The insights and blessings
they bring to my life are
astounding. Thank you for
gifting the planet with
healing grace.

--Dan Reynolds, author of
Be An Angel

Angel Blessings is a profound transformational tool that acts as a bridge to spirit. It is a book and card set that guides the reader to experience more loving and healing connections with people, angels, and with God.

Angel Blessings

As God’s messengers, each angel is on a mission to share a unique quality of God’s presence. Angels are constantly on the watch for opportunities to bestow blessings of unique qualities of love, wisdom, and healing.

The cards present 44 angels who are real and powerful spiritual beings on a mission to help us experience the deepest parts of our souls. The name of the angel, the quality of the angel, a powerful masterpiece painting, and the section in the guidebook combine to create a synergistic force that can propel the reader into a personal experience or realization.

To see excerpts from the book and learn more about these angels, click on the angel cards to the right or the "Angel Excerpts" menu on the upper left.


Read excerpts:

Michael, Archanagel of Protection

Raphael, Archangel of Healing

Zadkiel, Angel of Prayer

Angel of Partnership

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