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Soqed Hozi, Angel of Partnership

Excerpt from Angel Blessings

Wilt thou love God, as he thee!
Then digest, My Soul, this wholesome meditation,
How God, the Spirit, by Angels waited on in heaven,
doth make his Temple in thy breast.

John Donne

Soqed Hozi is the keeper of divine balances, holding the balance of feeling and truth in our lives through our partners. There is a special dynamic involved in intimate relationships between two people who are committed to love. When at last you find the one who is your soul mate, the relationship is tremendously uplifting, supportive, and satisfying. Each day is celebrated and is better than the one before. There is fire and passion which is free from pettiness. You feel a synergy that allows the combination of your feelings, creative thought, and resources to go far beyond what you can image doing alone.

A love this deep can be your lifeline to survive the most dire circumstances, as well as magnify the joy of celebration and accomplishment one hundredfold. Both of you are transformed by a love so vast that old beliefs simply melt away, allowing new insight and understanding to take their place. When you join in marriage, the celebration transcends the limitation of matter as triumphant waves of love flow through the cosmos!

In a sacred relationship, your mate is a partner on the path of self-discovery as well as your best friend, lover, playmate, confidant, and caretaker. The emphasis is on truth and trust. As long as there are two people with separate wills, conflict results. But conflict can be used for growth and deeper understanding.

Soqed Hozi, Angel of Partnership

Soqed Hozi, Angel of Partnership